Junior Class

Timetable and Price

Dojo Price Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
The Dojo Doors open 18:00 £4.00 18:30 – 20:00 18:30 – 20:00 18:30 – 20:00  
Norwich  £3.00  18:30-19:30  18:30-19:30    
Bradford         10:00-11:30. 11:30-13:00.13:00-14:00

For all new students First Lesson FREE

Grading Times   2019

Gradings 2019 Location Date Time Additional Info
 White,Yellow,Orange,Green, Blue&White Blue, Brown&White and Brown belts The dojo Shaw    Sunday 

March 3rd 2019

 Blackbelt Liverpool      
 Blackbelt Liverpool      


  1. Do you want your child to improve their self-confidence?
  2. Do you want to give your child a sense of constant achievement?
  3. Do you want your child to stay active and get fit?
  4. Is your child bullied at school or on the street?
  5. Are you looking for an activity on the same night for the whole family?
  6. Do you want to encourage your child to mix and interact with children of the same age?

These are just some of the many reasons why our junior class is so popular. The most important thing is to encourage your child in Ju-jitsu, not to force them. Our classes are governed by the World Ju-jitsu Federation and work to strict safety regulations. Many of our sensei are trained in first aid; in fact our principle sensei, Mike Widdall, is a retired paramedic. Karma Ju-jitsu aims to provide the safest possible environment for children learning martial arts. Feel free to ask Sensei Mike Widdall any questions you may have.

Ideal for Parents too!

At the Heyside dojo in Royton, junior class starts at 6.30pm and finishes as the senior class starts, which means it is ideal for parents who also want to train.

Parents Welcome

You are welcome to sit on the side benches and watch the junior classes. Our junior classes obviously concentrate on finding a balance between having fun and training; after all, children learn a lot better if they enjoy themselves and are given the chance to interact and understand. Here is a typical junior class schedule:


Heart rate, Improving flexibility, stretching,  stamina etc.

Syllabus training

Studying the selection of moves and techniques for the next belt under the helpful instruction of a sensei. Grading are 3 times a year see grading info.

Juice break

A very short break to allow the kids to have a quick drink of juice before heading back on to the mats for some fun and games.

Fun and Games

After studying the syllabus, it’s time for a little organised mayhem. It is important for children (and parents!) that the juniors can look forward to venting all their excess energy before going home. Our games are always physical and fun, some examples are belt-tug-o-war, bulldog, relay races etc. They are excellent for introducing an aspect of both competition and team-building, and they often help to improve elements of the syllabus techniques under the guise of lots of fun! Finally, our games are a good way to encourage the children to get to know each other and interact… Ju-jitsu is great for making new friends.

Age and Costs

Our junior class starts at 5 years old. Insurance for juniors is £16 per year and the training fees are £4.00 a session.

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